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Once installed, the Age Verification apps will display a popup the first time a user visits your site.  It's intention is the stop the user from viewing any site content without first confirming they are above the required age for entry.  After a user confirms their age, the popup will not display again until their next site visit/session.

Follow instructions in SEOshop E-commerce to purchase the Age Verification app from the App Marketplace.  During install, you'll be forwarded to our app management site to either login to an existing account (if you've purchased a SEOshop E-commerce app from us before) OR create a new account with us to install and manage this and any future apps you may purchase from us for SEOshop E-commerce.

Once you've created an account or logged into your existing account, the app installs automatically, after which you'll be forwarded to the shops list, which displays a list of SEOshop E-commerce shops registered with your account and any apps installed with those shops.  To manage this app, click on it's name "Age Verification" under the appropriate shop.  This will take you to the age verification settings form.


Under settings, you can control the following:

  1. Minimum Age Required - allows you to set how old users should be to enter your webstore.  This defaults to 18, but you can set it to any number you like to determine the required age for entry.

  2. Required Birthdate be Entered - if you want to make your users enter their birthdate in the age verification popup, check this box.  When checked, the user will be presented with month, day and year select menus to enter their birthdate into.  The birthdate entered will be compared to the Minimum Age Required setting to ensure what the user has entered meets the required age.

  3. Exit URL - if a user does not meet the age requirement, the popup provides an "exit" button to send the user elsewhere.  Using this setting, you can provide the URL you want to send the user to if they choose not to verify they meet the required age.  This defaults to send the user to (Google's homepage).

  4. Overlay Background Color - when the age verification popup shows, it display any overlay color in the background (which covers up the content of your site).  Here you can choose what you color you'd like to use for that overlay.

  5. Popup Background Color - this controls the background color of the popup box (that shows centered in the browser window)

  6. Popup Text Color - controls the color of text show in the popup box

  7. Popup Border Color - a small border lines the popup box, this allows you to set the color of that border line.

  8. Loading Text Color * - when a user first visits your site, it can take 1-2 second for the age verification to load.  During this time, since the user has yet to verify their age, we hide your site content and simply showing the age verification loading text.  This setting lets you set the color of that text.

If you make any changes to any of these fields, be sure to click "Save Settings" button to save those changes.

If you'd like to change the text that displays in the age verification app, click on the "Translations" link in the upper right hand corner.  This will take you to a list of text that you can enter translations for in any of the supported languages.  Each piece of text has a default value, but you can override that value by entering your own into the message's translation field.  Be sure to click the "Save Changes" button after you enter/change any translations. *

* After making a change to the "Loading Text Color" setting or any Translation changes, you'll need to click "Check Install/Publish Changes" for those changes to take effect on your webstore.


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