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  • Significantly add to your administrative process or your visitor's experience by increasing the interaction between them and the online store.

    The longer they stay, the more likely to buy!

    AdVision offers an extensive selection of Lightspeed eCom compatible add-on applications, some with licensed effects, that give access to self administer content over and above the product catalog data.

    Working in concert with our development and customization services, our add-ons apps are available individually or can be added into any of our fully customized Web Store development packages.

    Installation includes the visual and functional customization of the app to work with the online store design/branding, where applicable. All of our online stores carry similar add-on functionality apps in one form or the other, but how they look and behave is unique to each.

  • Most of the apps below are not available at the present time through Lightspeed's marketplace, but some are and you can see those where applicable 'buttons' shown within the outlines below. If you see 'marketplace' that means you can subscribe to that app with Lightspeed directly. If there is a 'demo' or no buttons on the app outline, then that app is only available through AdVision.

    Not all add-ons require a subscription fee and can be installed on a one time cost. However for any apps that are installed and that apps own data is independent of the Lightspeed POS product data, there is a low monthly subscription fee in consideration of AdVision's hosting of the app data, future updates and support.

    Present an interactive, professional Online Store that works on mobile and desktop devices and is always up to date.

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