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Lightspeed or Shopify - Custom Theme

Lightspeed or Shopify - Custom Theme

Development Packages

Combining two of AdVision's Services to create a unique 'Visual Design' and 'Programming' of that design into the web store platform.

$ 1,800.00 - 5,200.00 USD - Estimated


Description : There are 3 Stages of Development for your consideration when it comes to customizing from scratch, a custom 'Theme' on either Lightspeed eCom or Shopify.

Stages 1 and 2 combined, will get you into a working navigable web store of products within categories, all the way through to being able to purchase. 

Stage 3 is optional, discretionary and scalable, and is where you enhance your web store with 'Add-On Functionality'.

Stage 1 - To get started, you can work with our 'Design Team' to create a unique 'Custom Design' for your web store.  It is AdVision's Design Team mandate to endeavour that the designs that evolve, to be more then comparable to your competition, while staying true to your branding.

- Custom Design Department

Stage 2 - Once a design has been approved, AdVision's programming department will customize the 'Core Functionality' of the 'Theme' and address our 'Quality Control' process - pre launch.

- eCom/Shopify 'Core Functionality' Programming

Stage 3 - Add-On Functionality can be added at anytime after the 'Core Programming' has been completed and certified.

It is highly likely that during the design process 'Add-On Functionality' will be considered and AdVision is available to add in any of the myriad of 'Add-On Functionality' Apps and Services that will help to enhance the visitors experience and the Web Store owner's administrative control.

Some examples of 'add-on functionality' would be 'visual' as in showing Color Swatches of your products color availability rather then depending on the drop-down text menu.

Or, 'administratively functional' such as adding in the ability to use Gift Cards as payment options during checkout or connecting multiple physical locations using Point-Of-Sale applications to combine inventory into one Web Store.

To get an idea of all of your options when it comes to 'Add-On Functionality, simple navigate the list of pages in the 'header navigation' of this website.

Also Lightspeed and Shopify  both have their own apps that we can help install and customize as, or if needed, into your Web Store.

* All considerations in Stage 3 would incur additional costs and quoted separately

Why this App/Service : To expand beyond existing theme offerings, and offer customers a process of which to have customized a unique Web Store Theme, both visually and functionally, that more aligns with their business brand image and vision.

AdVision eCommerce Development Team


Beautiful Designs
Expert Programming
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The Most Comprehensive Pre-Scripted Custom Theme Development Packages
On The Lightspeed eCom or Shopify Platform

AdVision's Team Addresses 240+ Development Tasks while guiding you, through the 30+ Tasks you need to address locally

Stage 1


Custom Theme

Stage 1 - design

Stage 2


Web Store

Stage 2 - programming

Stage 3



Stage 3 - launch & support

Take the guesswork out of your Lightspeed or Shopify Theme Setup.
Get AdVision's extensive eCommerce Web Development experience working for you.


Setting up Lightspeed eCom Web Store, correctly the first time!

The primary challenge that arises when setting up your new eCommerce Web Store, is that you, as the retail store owner are required to address a 'long list of tasks. to get started, of which 2 tasks are the most significant.

1 - is to populate the Lightspeed or Shopify POS with 100s or even 1000's of products, their details and images.

2 - is to go through the eCommerce platform's administration portal, to setup and brand the eCommerce Web Store.

Although setting up your eCommerce Web Store is initially implied as easy and simple, 'pick a theme - and you're up and running', it can be quite obvious at an early stage that 'a little help here' by experienced experts, could really benefit your business.

There are over 100 questions/presets within the eCommerce Web Store administration portals, and more depending on the theme and platform that you choose.

There is one way to do these tasks correctly, and unfortunately, many ways to do them incorrectly.

The eCommerce Web Store administration portals can be very time consuming and difficult for the uninitiated to fully complete all presets with confidence. And, even when addressed to the best of your abilities, there are still other development tasks not available within the presets that are very beneficial, such as performance optimization, mobile theme responsiveness, internal SEO optimization, external Google registration to name a few, and that can generally only be done by an experienced development company.

We know that a large percentage of new clients to any eCommerce Web Store platform, can take many months to be ready to launch, if at all.

To assure a professional and comprehensive launch, while fast tracking these development stages, AdVision offers two pre-launch development Services - Custom Theme Design and Core-Theme Programming that in combination will get your business operating an eCommerce online web store sooner rather then later on either Lightspeed or Shopify.

Our clients usually have only a finite amount of time and resources they can dedicate to setting up their new eCommerce Web Store and AdVision is your Number 1 Reliable Development Resource, to get it done right, the first time around.

Lightspeed eCom & Shopify Web Store Custom Theme Development Packages


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Beyond The Speed of Light, your choice of eCommerce Platforms

AdVision offers our Web Store Development Services primarily for either Lightspeed eCom or Shopify Web Store platforms.

As Development Partners for both Lightspeed and Shopify we have established a solid reputation for our full Web Store Development Services along with our extensive front and back end applications and services specifically for Lightspeed Retail Point-of-Sale users that wish to connect their POS, to one of these platforms.

AdVision also have available a fully 'self hosted' eCommerce platform for the clients that have extensive customization and backend administration requirement that are beyond the capabilities of the Lightspeed eCom or Shopify platforms.

AdVision eCommerce (AE) is our most advanced level and feature rich eCommerce platform and is also available by subscription and includes the AE platform, PCI compliant hosting along with all Updates and Support. It is installed within a PCI compliant (secure) hosting environment, on its own dedicated IP and SSL, without sharing data resources, unlike Cloud hosted platforms.

The primary benefit to this platform, vs cloud hosted option, is that you can circumnavigate existing development limitations on those platforms, and customize absolutely 'anything' you require into AE's online store and its backend administration.

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What is the difference between a 'Cloud' and 'Self-Hosted' Web Stores?

Simple Analogy:

Cloud based web stores: is like having an apartment in a building and sharing resources. You can make some changes in your suite (theme), but are governed by the programming restrictions or access, that can prevent you from adding in custom functionality or 3rd party content that you might need as you evolve your business. Many common add on functionality needs are addressed through 'apps/plugins' made available, however they may or may not work on the platform you subscribe to. It is the platform you subscribe to that dictates and limits all of what that web store looks and navigates like.

"Very cost effective to get into as you generally choose a web store themes, update colors, update your logo and you're up and running."

Self-Hosted web stores: is like having a home on your own lot (self-hosted) that you can alter both inside and out and expand (scalable) with no programming restrictions. Fully customized design and programming capabilities makes this option an excellent solution for companies that are more focused on their online presence and have a list of ideas and ambitions that will constantly be evolving. Self-hosted web stores are generally faster to browse, far more self administratively advanced and can address many complex eCommerce ordering requirements such as streamline fulfillment for shipping and just in time order, feeding multiple web stores, wholesale b2b tier level pricing and custom reporting.

"More expensive to customize and support, takes more time to develop, but you get 'exactly' what you want and need, in every aspect."

Summary: About 85% of eCommerce retailers fit the 'Cloud hosted' theme and 15% 'Self-Hosted'.