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Lightspeed Retail - Customized Product Labels & Receipts

AdVision offers a unique service for 'Customized Label' setups for your Lightspeed Retail Point-of-Sale.

Product Labels, Receipt, PO, Transfer and Work orders can all be customized for your printer(s) and certain details and logos can be addressed. If you have any ideas or ambitions for customized labels on your Lightspeed Retail POS, please contact us.

Advision labels
Advision labels

Advision labels

Our most common requests

  • Use different label sizes that exist presently within the Lightspeed Retail POS
  • Logo placed on the tags for a more personalized look
  • Re-arrange the layout of data displayed
  • Parse information off a 'matrix product' to display differently from the simple product descriptions.

The custom options currently available are:

  • Display Vendor ID (if available) above Description
  • Display Custom SKU (if available) above Description
  • Display Manufacturer SKU (if available) above Description
  • Display the UPC code at the top of the receipt (using UPC codes in barcode does not work)
  • Display today's date above description (ddmmyy formatting)
  • Remove cents from being displayed in price
  • Set date_format = 'mdy'
  • Remove the price from displaying on label
  • Remove the description from displaying on label
  • Remove the barcode from displaying on label
  • Remove the System ID from displaying at the bottom of barcodes
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