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AdVision eCommerce - Development Partners for Lightspeed Retail

For Lightspeed Retail Users looking to Customize their Web Store

Recommended by Lightspeed Retail to their Clients & Partners
as the most experienced Lightspeed Development team you can find

Over 10 years of Partnering with Lightspeed and countless Web Store Customizations

AdVision can help you alter an existing Lightspeed Web Store Theme or add functionality.
If you have a unique design or requirement, we can do that!

An experienced North American Development Team that specializes in Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed eCom
  • Cloud & Self Hosted eCommerce Platform Options
  • Custom Web Store Design & Programming
  • Add-On Functionality / Plugins
  • 3rd Party Connectivity via API
  • W3C Standardized Coding Compliance
  • SSL Certificates
  • 24/7 Web Store Security Scans
  • PCI Compliant Hosting
  • Training on Best Practices for Self Administration
  • Search Engine Optimization & Registration
  • Google AdWords & Social Media Integration
  • Web Store Support

What to consider when connecting Lightspeed Retail to a Web Store

Important Information for Lightspeed Retail users to help you make a more 'Informed Decision' for your online business

  • Lightspeed Retail Point-of-Sale users have 2 options when it comes to connecting the Lightspeed Retail POS to a web store platform.

  • They can choose either a 'Cloud Hosted' Web Store platform such as Shopify or Lightspeed eCom, or a 'Self Hosted' platform such as AE or Magento, that connects via the Lightspeed API.

Difference Between Cloud & Self-hosted Web stores

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