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Make Offer

Make Offer

Interactive Apps / Services

Encourage bidding interaction (UX) with the visitors, by prompting them to 'Make An Offer' for a product based on its price.

$ 600.00 USD - One-time


Description : The 'Make Offer' app presents to the visitor the ability to 'not' add to cart at the selling price of a given product, but rather 'Make an Offer' on the product, that is then sent to the Web Store owner, via separate email for consideration.

The visitors, fills in a simple form, name and email and price offered, within the Com Web Store.

The 'Make Offer' app then gathers product information, along with these entered details and sends an email to the Web Store owner for review. The visitor also receives an email notification that the offer is under consideration.

The eCom Web Store owner can then click 'yes' or 'no' for the offer, and that will trigger another email back to the visitor with the response and if applicable, a link to conclude the sale online at the new agreed price.

- Promotes visitor interaction (UX) with store owner
- Everyone likes to make a 'deal' and the process of doing such
- Opportunity to use contact info on future promotions

Why this App/Service : To offer an alternative to selling produts at a 'set price' on ther eCom Web Store and to encourage visitor interaction.