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Streaming Movies

Streaming Movies

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Loading movie content the is not streaming from YouTube, and is free of ads or other YouTube movie recommendations, that are usually your competitor is the main reason for this service.

$ 400.00 USD - One-time


Description : The 'Streaming Movies' service from AdVision is based on setting up and assisting you to upload your movies to our movie streaming server.

By doing so, you can present movies on your eCom Web Store product pages, without the YouTube branding or any unrelated advertising or 'watch next', that could potentially show competitors related movies.

Showing movies on given product page, is straight forward and can easily be self-administered by the eCom Web Store owner,  by pasting  code (snippets) into your product cards within Lightspeed Retail prior to uploading to eCom.

- Private movies shown to restricted audience
- No YouTube branding or unrelated advertising
- Prevents showing your competitors related movies
- Presents a more professional image

Why this App/Service : Not all companies wish to use YouTube for their movie library, because of advertising, privacy or the 'watch next' function, that could have your visitors navigate away from your eCom Web Store.