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Payment Calculator

Payment Calculator

Interactive Apps / Services

Inspire the visitor to consider a purchase by payment terms, rather then a one-time purchase, by offering a 'Payment Calculator' on certain products, they can interact with.

$ 400.00 USD - One-time


Description : An option to help sell your products online, is to offer payment terms rather then making the visitor make a one time purchase.

In doing so, as a visitor reviews a given product, AdVision's 'Payment Calculator' app displays on the page a set of input fields, that allow the visitor to calculate monthly payments against the length of time they wish to pay for the product.

The app allows the eCom Web Store owner, to self administer terms and interest rates for their product's prices and in turn present to the buyer, their options on payment terms.

The app works independently, but can also be customized beyond its present 'self-administration' to include as a 'payment option' at checkout a specific Loan Company, as long as they have an industry standard API.

- Sell products using monthly payments
- Self administer terms and % interest rates
- Visitor can calculate payments - Ideal for high price product

Why this App/Service : Help is selling high priced items and making them more affordable in the mindset of your visitor.