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Sift Science

Sift Science

Administrative Apps / Services

Help reduce fraud by creating risk score assessments of online purchases, prior to shipping.

$ 18.00 USD - Monthly Subscription


Description : Transactional fraud is an issue, and this is especially true when it comes to specific types of high-risk products that usually can be easily resold, such as ITune Cards.

The 'Sift Science' app is availble directly from Lightseed's app Marketplace and was developed by AdVision.

The app connects to your Sift Science account and will assess any potential fraud on a given transaction.  The app will alert you if the calculated fraud score exceeds your risk threshold settings.

Any time a new order is placed, updated or paid for in the eCom Web Store, the order information is forwarded to your Sift account for analysis.

Transaction fraud scores will be logged and viewable in the app's admin interface. Each score listed also includes a link to a more detailed view of the event in your Sift account.

- Calculate fraud risk scores for each transaction
- Ideal for products that have 'easy resale' ability
- Detailed Reporting - Don't trust - don't ship!

Why this App/Service : To help reduce transactional fraud, especially when selling products that can be easily resold.