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… on 'As You Need Us' basis

AdVision offers our Lightspeed eCom Support Services on an 'as you need us basis'.

If you have a list of miscellaneous requirements on any existing Lightspeed eCom Web Store theme that you are subscribed to, you can send us a list wishes and ambitions, and we can evaluate and estimate the time for AdVision to address those for you.

This is an ideal solution for Lightspeed clients who have already gone as far as they can in customizing their subscribed theme, but were not able to accomplish either some visual or functional edits that they ultimately would like to have addressed.

For longterm piece of mind, AdVision offers an annual Support Contract for existing clients at $ 365.00 annually based on $ 1.00 a day.

3rd party application integration

3rd Party Custom
… Application Integration

Custom Integration of 3rd party apps, custom shipping, payment gateways etc via the Lightspeed API is another unique services offered by AdVision.

Certain industries require 3rd party integration specific to their fulfilment requirements and you are welcome to share with us what you require installed and we can assess.

In addition to 3rd party integrations, AdVision offers our services for 'Customized Label' setups for your Lightspeed Retail Point-of-Sale.

Product Labels, Receipt, PO, Transfer and Work orders can all be customized for your printer(s) and certain details and logos can be addressed. If you have any ideas or ambitions for customized labels on your Lightspeed Retail POS, please contact us.


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If you are an existing client and have a support issue to report, please use the following form.

By doing so, this will create a support task within our production collaborative and depending on the severity of the issue, it will be assigned and responded to, usually within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

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