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Custom Theme Programming

Custom Theme Programming

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AdVision is available to program into either a Lightspeed eCom or the Shopify platform, a Custom Theme Design.


Description : Once you have had you web store 'Theme' designed, that theme will now need to be programmed to show and work on your Web Store.

AdVision's Programming Department can program the design into the Web Store, on the chosen eCom or Shopify platform, specific to the existing 'Core Functionality' of that platform.

All of our programming is rigorously assessed within our 'Quality Control' processes - pre launch to assure....

PCI Compliant Secure Coding
Page Loading Speeds
Search Engine Optimization
Sitemap Registration
Mobile Device Ready

What is Core-Functionality?

The Lightspeed & Shopify eCom Web Store Platforms, have the following basic 'Core Functionality'.

- Owner creates 'Products' and assigns them to 'Product Categories' within the Web Store.

- Viewers, can navigate to a specific 'Product Category' and be presented with a series of 'Products' within that 'Category'.

- They can select on a 'Product' within that 'Category', to go to its 'Detail Page', they can then 'Add to Cart' and proceed to 'Checkout'.

Programming of the 'Core Functionality' includes coding of the approved designs that starts with customizing the Header and Footer, what is referred to as the master site template, along with all the pages that load between the Header and footer.

Header & Footer

Category Pages
Product Detail Pages
Checkout Page
PCI Compliance Pages

Why this App/Service : Once the 'Core Functionality' Programming of the custom 'Theme' is addressed, the Web Stores code is clean and uncluttered.  

From many beneficial development perspectives, this then creates the preferred programming environment to start to enhance the web store with 'Add-On Functionality'.