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Online Transactions in 2021 Represented 20% of all Retail Sales Worldwide

Forecasted to grow by 50 percent over the next four years, to nearly 7.4 trillion by 2025

AdVision provides customized eCommerce Web Store Development services on Shopify, for Retail businesses.

Whether you are an existing Retailer expanding from bricks and mortar to online e-commerce, or a home-based business that's looking to grow into the online world, we at AdVision are here to help!

Strategic partners with Lightspeed HQ for over 13 years, we are highly recommended by Lightspeed as a reliable resource for customization of their platforms and their connectors to various eCommerce platforms.

Avoid costly mistakes and save valuable time with AdVision, let our team of knowledgeable staff guide you through the Development Process to Success!

Located in the USA and Canada, we are a team of Developers, Designers, and Programmers that have developed and Supported 1000s of eCommerce Web Stores, that are intuitive, easily navigated, and instill a 'Value-Added-Perception' of a company's products and services.

Our Web Stores can be fully customized to meet any client design requirements and enhanced with add-on functionality via a selection of add-on/plug-in modules, that improve the sites owner's access to self-administer other content, over and above the products within the point-of-sale.

All of our Web Stores are PCI compliant, iOS compatible for mobile devices and pass the most rigorous Quality Assurance Assessment prior to launch and certification.

Web Store eCommerce Customizing Services, Managed Hosting or Online Support, it is our extensive experience that sets us apart!

Shopify eCommerce
  • Custom eCommerce Web Store Development
  • Online Marketing
  • Add-On Functionality & Integrations

AdVision - Highly Recommended, Professional & Reliable Development Team - By Lightspeed, Shopify & WooCommerce.
You can not find a better eCommerce Customization Partner to Grow your Online Business.

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  • Save Time & Money - Be Guided by Experts
  • Reliable, Dependable Development Team
  • Extensive Quality Control Oversight
AdVision eCommerce
  • Projects Addressed in a Timely Manner
  • Efficient Estimating & Support
  • Scalable Development

Share with us your Hopes, Wishes & Ambitions & AdVision will Customize for you, an awesome shopify Web Store.

We create dynamic e-commerce web stores that not only sell your products on the front end but automate and resolve repetitive administrative processes on the back end. 

 As a well-established eCommerce Development Team, we have experience in the primary Cloud-Based Platforms, such as Ecwid, eCom, Shopify, and WooCommerce as well as developing on 'self-hosted', such as Magento and AE. 

 AdVision Designs and Develops, Custom eCommerce Themes on these platforms along with maintaining our own PCI-compliant network that feeds external dynamic content to these eCommerce themes. 

 By doing so, this allows our customization work to feed into and richly enhance the theme with add-on functionality applications both experienced by the visitor or administratively for the web store owner.

Frequently Asked Questions about our eCommerce Development Process

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How long does it take to Launch an eCommerce Web Store?

How much does an eCommerce Site cost to Customize by AdVision?

What do I need to do on my end as my eCommerce site is being Customized?

Can I make changes & edits to my eCommerce Web Store once Customized?

Does AdVision offer Support?

What's the difference - Custom eCommerce Theme vs an Off-the-Shelf eCommerce Theme?

What is Add-On Functionality?

How Good is Lightspeed Retail Point-Of-Sale?

Does Shopify or Ecwid work with Lightspeed?

What should I consider, when selecting an eCommerce platform?

  • Intuitive Visitor's Experience
  • Anaylytics & Reporting
  • Design & Functionality Customizable
  • Scalable Development Process
AdVision eCommerce
  • 3rd Party Integrations via API
  • Responsive to Mobile Devices
  • SEO & Marketing Tools
  • PCI Level Security

Shopify is a 'Cloud-Based eCommerce Platform' that makes it possible to sell products online, under your own company name/brand.

You build your product catalog into the administrative areas of Shopify, by creating individual products, containing the details, such as title, description, and price along with associated images. As you add your product, you can define categories and feed the product data to the public viewed web store.

The viewer can easily navigate to a category and then a subsequent product usually in 3 clicks or less. As they view the main product page, the viewer can see all the information you populated when you built your catalog within the admin area of Shopify.

The viewer can choose to 'add to cart' when looking at the product and that will in turn take the viewer to a checkout page to complete secure financial transactions.

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Shopify eCommerce
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