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Terms and Conditions

Estimates/Invoices are in US dollars and subject to AdVision eCommerce Inc. Terms & Conditions, and approval of any estimate, is deemed acceptance of our terms.

It is possible that the times outlined by task/service on our estimates can increase, depending on a variety of factors.

Therefore the total time spent on any outlined task/service, will be the total time that will be invoiced for, and our Estimates and the Terms & Conditions outlined here, should be considered a reliable reference of AdVision's estimating and billing practices.

Payment Terms

66% deposit required - 'Support' related tasks.

75% deposit required - 'Web Store Development' projects.

Subscriptions : Paid in advance automatically by a credit card monthly or a discounted rate of 10% for annual subscriptions.

Setup your credit card information for auto billing when prompted as you view the invoice or submit by phone.

Subscription Billing Setup


Web Store Support : AdVision web stores are 'supported' for one year from 'launch date'. An annual 'support contract' for ongoing support is available after the first year for $1.00 a day, billed monthly, quarterly or annually. Clients are not obligated to go with AdVision’s support contracts and can still engage our 'Support' for their web store on an ‘as needed basis’ billed hourly.

AE Support : Includes support and this support is limited to AE administration of products and how they interact with the public web store along with any issues arising within the existing web store customization that are specific to AdVision's coding. 3rd party issues arising from Point-of-Sale application changes or other code provided by the client are not covered under support.

Support Disclaimer : AdVision will endeavour to address all issues on a web store reported to us in a timely manner, usually within 24 business hours or sooner. However it must be understood that because of the nature of the Internet and the multiple 3rd parties required to customize, host, certify and administer a web store, that there are many factors that come into play that may be beyond the immediate control of AdVision when offering support.

Therefore, any web store developed and/or hosted with AdVision is subject to our clients understanding and accept, that AdVision will not be held responsible and/or culpable for any losses, financial or otherwise in regards to the client's web store's URL resolving and/or its functionality.


AdVision offers secure Managed eCommerce web store hosting, in Europe, North America and Australia for Lightspeed users.

Our servers are setup specifically for hosting all version releases of the LightSpeed OnSite Web Store, and we maintain full PCI compliance.

Monitored 24/7 and any issues are addressed as a priority. AdVision hosting historically maintains 99% uptime, per industry standards.

Hosting is available on annual or monthly contracts. SSL certification is available annually and is required for all web stores doing online transactions.

How AdVision Addresses New or Update Requests

If you require 'new work' done on your Web Store, AdVision is available on a 'as you need it basis'.

Historically we have found that 'new work' request on a given web store can vary considerably, depending on how intensive the web store is administered by the client.

Therefore, any requests for new work, that arise on a web store once live, will be addressed on an hourly basis ($ 100.00 per hour USD, billed in 15 min increments), and an estimate will be sent to the client for approval prior to creating a ticket.

Billing Policy on Additional Time Over & Above the Initial Estimate

AdVision will endeavor to address any given issue within the time that we estimate initially, however there are many factors outside of our control that may add time to the initial estimate.

In order to not have a scenario run out of control, this is our policy on additional time over and above what is estimated.

- Initial estimate (line items) must be accepted prior to creating ticket

- If we use less time on any line item on the estimate, the invoice will reflect that.

- If we go over time, client will be billed based on our hourly rate noted above, for up to 100% of the additional time estimated and used.

- For the balance of time that may have been over that exceed 100% of the initial estimate, we reduce our hourly rate to $ 75.00 for each hour over.


1 - if we estimate a job will take 2 hours, and it takes 2 hours, we bill you for 2 hours. If it takes less, we bill less.


2 - if we estimated 2 hours and it takes 4 hours, we will bill you for 4 hours at our regular rate.


3 - If an item on an estimate grows to double the time then initial estimated all additional time billed after 100% would be at 75% of our hourly rate. Meaning if we estimate 2 hours and it takes 6 hours, we bill 4 hours regular rate and 2 hours at 75% of our rate.

Exclusion of Liability

AdVision eCommerce Inc. is not responsible or liable in any manner for any issues arising from the usage of our Services, Subscriptions, Hosting, Applications or Merchandise.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws, AdVision eCommerce Inc, on behalf of our directors, officers, employees, agents, suppliers, licensors and service providers, exclude and disclaim liability for any losses and expenses of whatever nature and how so ever arising including, without limitation any damages: loss of use: loss of data: loss caused by a virus: loss of income or profit: loss of or damage to property: claims of 3rd parties: or other possibilities of such damages or losses, arising out of or in connection with any Services, Subscriptions, Hosting, Applications or Merchandise, available from AdVision eCommerce Inc. You assume total responsibility for establishing such procedures for data backup and virus checking and all other considerations necessary. This limitation of liability applies whether the alleged liability is based on contract, tort (including negligence, strict liability) or any other basis.