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Social Media Linking

Allows you to seamlessly connect and display links to your various social media accounts on your eCom site

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By seamlessly integrating your online store with social media channels, you can enhance brand visibility, drive traffic, engage with customers, and ultimately boost sales.

eCom provides robust features that allow you to easily connect and promote your store on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.


● Enhanced Visibility: Connect with customers across multiple social platforms effortlessly.

● Boosted Engagement: Drive traffic and interactions through seamless social media integration.

● Streamlined Marketing: Amplify your brand reach with integrated social media links.

Why this App/Service:

Because it enhances your online presence with seamless social media integration on your eCom.

  • Melanie X Boutiques - Social Media Integration - Facebook feed in footer

  • Trabert Goldsmiths - Social Media Integration - Instagram feed at the bottom

Live Example(s):

  • Tommy's Bicycle Shop - Instagram Feed above the Footer View
  • Nana's Farmhouse - Facebook + Instagram Combo feed at bottom View
  • PLENTY Mercantile - Instagram Feed above the Footer View

Live Page(s) Image Gallery:

  • Airsoft Extreme - Social Media Icons - seen in the footer View

Demo Page:

  • Demo eCom - Social Share View
  • Demo eCom - Social Media Icons View

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