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Administrative Applications & Services

What are Administrative Applications & Services?

Working between the Point-0f-Sale Application & the eCommerce Platform the data collected can be used by the business owner in a variety of methods, to build upon and benefit their online business.

Interactive Applications & Services

What are Interactive Applications & Services?

Seen throughout the eCommerce Web store product browsing pages, this list of add-on functionally significantly improves the visitors experience by encouraging interaction beyond just adding-to-cart.

What is Add-On Functionality?

The Lightspeed eCom Web Store Platform like other eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento etc all have at their core the following basic functionality.

A viewer can navigate to product categories, see a product of interest usually presented in a thumbnail view, they can select that product, to go to a detail page, add product to cart and checkout. This is referred to as the 'Core Functionality' of the eCommerce platform.

In addition, it is very common and highly likely that 'add-on functionality' may also be required, based on the design or specific to the type of business you operate. Some examples of 'add-on functionality' would be 'visual' as in showing color swatches of your products color availability rather then depending on the drop-down text menu. Or, 'functional' such as adding in the ability to use Gift Cards as payment options during checkout.

AdVision has available both within Lightspeed's App Marketplace or directly from us, a host of existing apps that you can easily subscribe to. We are also available to build custom applications specific to your requirements or install 3rd party integrations such as custom payment or shipping gateways. Add-On Functionality, can be added during the development, or at any future time after launch.

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