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On Visitor's Arrival - Options

Prior to landing on the Home Page - Informative Greeting - Restrictive Access

Top Incentivizer Bar Ideal for Special Shipping Offers eg - Buy $100 + and get Free Shipping.
Age Verification - Registered Lookup Restricted Access to 'Products' - Alcohol, Tobacco/Cannabis.
Arrival & Exit Pop-up Incentivizer Offer incentives, Discount Codes, or Newsletter Sign Ups.
Consent Management with Termly To streamline data privacy compliance by managing user consent centrally, fostering customer trust.
Password Protect Login Restrict access to Categories and Products within an eCom Web Store.

Header - Product Navigation - Options

Quantity of Top Level Categories - Determines the style and placement of the Product Navigation

Mega Menu Large navigation-driven dropdown to display more options
Sticky Header Feature Lock the 'header navigation' to the top of the page to always stay in view.
Advanced Dynamic Filters Generate dynamic variant option filters & build variant level custom filters.
Dynamic Daily Deal Timer Create a 'Sense of Urgency' during a Sale Event to encourage shopping.

Footer - Options

Icons, Forms, Chat and other Integrations

Social Media Linking Allows you to seamlessly connect and display links to your various social media accounts on your eCom site
Blog Posts Integration Add Blog Streaming Notifications on Web Store with recent Posts.
Live Chat Offer Live Chat functionality for your customers.

Home Page - Options

Arrange Incentives within section, depicted within the layout

Custom Homepage Customize a homepage design (LS theme), install & brand accordingly on any eCom.
Homepage Slideshow Easy content control for interactive imagery on the eCom Web Store Homepage.
Brand Logo Scroller Self Administration of all Brand Logos and link to all products from that Brand.
Facebook Feed showcases products seamlessly on Facebook for ecommerce businesses
Google Reviews Feed Discover what customers are saying about our products and services
Instagram + Facebook Combo Feed Maximize your social media engagement with the combined power of Instagram and Facebook.
Instagram Feed Essential for e-commerce, showcasing products, engaging customers, and driving sales
Parallax Effects Feature Parallax 'scrolling visual' effect, images and text transitioning

Category Page - Options

Icons, Forms, Chat and other integrations

Category Banners Self Administration - Banner Images on top of individual Category pages.
Category Thumbnail Colours Category Page - Thumbnail color swatches allow customers to visually explore product options by displaying various color choices directly on the product listing page
Hover Content Display Visual effect, loading alternative product images, on mouse hover over.
Product Thumbnail Variants Viewer Variants are different options (like size or color) for a product.
Quick Shop Popup Speed up ordering by offering the 'add to cart', on a Category page.

Product Page - Options

Add Functionality in and around your product details

Curbside Pickup Offer 'Curb Side' Scheduled Pickup at 'Checkout' on Lightspeed eCom.
Customer Testimonials Show Customer Feedback on certain Categories or Products.
Enhanced Variant Images Elevate Your Product Showcase with Enhanced Variant Images by AdVision
Form Processor Gather additional information from your Visitor.
Product Charts & Tables Present extended details (tabs) Description, Chart Specifications, Drawings.
Product Image Override Circumnavigate the maximum quantity and size limits on eCom.
Product Image Resizing Fast-Track your launch - Bulk Image Resizing - Available upon request.
Product Page - Colour Swatches Show a visual reference of colors or patterns per a product's color options.
Product Size Ordering Choosing the correct size to match the process parameters
Size Swatch Replaces standard dropdowns with round or square size swatches

PCI Compliance & Other Services - Options

Pages required for Payment Processing Online and Services You Offer

Payment Gateways $ Need to use a 'Payment Processor' not currently supported by Lightspeed eCom.
Privacy Declaration Scroll Up - Declaration - EU - GDPR & California CCPA.

Visitor's Experience - Options

Add Functionality in and around your product details

ADA & WCAG Compliance Significantly improve access to your Web Store, for people with disabilities.
Book Fitting Encourage personal interaction by offering an 'in-store' fitting appointment.
Broad Search Tool A more comprehensive search tool for multiple word searches.
Cart Life Extender Prolong Your Customers' Shopping Experience!
Cart Promo Pop-Ups 50 % Load promotional content based on cart amount.
Catalog Cloner Maintain an in-sync copy of your eCom catalog externally for use with 3rd party feeds.
Custom Shipping Integration Integrate a Shipping company that is not available with Lightspeed.
Events Calendar Integration Schedule and Display an Events Calendar, that you can self administer.
Gift Registry Create Gift Registries, add desired items and share with family and friends.
Local Delivery By Zip Code Set Flat Rate Delivery fees per Zip Code for your local delivery service.
Out-of-Stock Indicator Hide or indicate visually which options are out of stock for items.
Product & Category Lookbook Create Lookbook imagery, to encourage visitor interaction (UX).
Promotions Auto Add Automatically Add Products to a cart based on Discount Code applied.
Visitors Engagement Package Improve your visitor's interactive engagement, extend their visit time.

Post Launch - Options

Performance Optimization Increase and maintain SEO placement by optimizing site performance,
Responsive Review Is your Web Store fully Responsive by Design, across all Devices?
3rd Party Integration Connect most 3rd Party Applications or Services via their specific API.
Amazon Today! Lightspeed Retail R Series and selling your items through Amazon.
Auto Close Registers in Retail Save time and effort by automating the register closing process
BarcodeLookup Import Tool Update Products in Lightspeed Retail based on a Barcode Lookup.
Data Bridge - Wholesaler Solution Connect one Lightspeed Retail Account to multiple eCom Sites.
Fraud Alert Integration - ClearSale Highest Order Approval Rates. Lowest False Decline Rates
Inventory Count by CSV Upload Ever needed to create an inventory count from a simple CSV file?
Lightspeed Vend X Series - Labels Customize & Brand the look and feel of your labels with Chrome Browser Extension
Loyalty & Rewards - Kangaroo Lightspeed's Most Compatible & Customizable Loyalty Application
Multi Shop Compiler Going beyond Lightspeed's existing Multi-Shop Functionality,
Order Splitter + Multi Shop Compiler Automates Order Distribution to 'shops'.
Order Sync Export customer and order data to external, third-party CRM or Accounting applications.
Order Transfer Move historic data between Lightspeed Retail 'shops' within one LSR 'account'.
Purchase Order Management Advanced Solution to Manage Complex POs & Receiving into Retail.
Retail In-Take List Builder Create a list of Items arriving at each Lightspeed Retail location.
Retail Product Exporter Export Lightspeed Retail Item Data into a custom CSV file.
Sale Lines - Reporting Customize Sale Lines Report generated from Lightspeed within Retail.
Sales Tax With Taxjar Automate R Series Retail sales tax calculations, set rates in real-time through Taxjar, and seamlessly communicate order details for a streamlined transaction process in Retail.
Save Cart for Later Streamline Your Shopping: Introducing Our 'Save Cart for Later' App for Enhanced Cart Management
Shop By Location Lightspeed Retail R Series to eCom C Series
SPS / EDI Integration Import new items, sync vendor QOH , send drop-ship orders to vendors via SPS.
Store Pickup by Retail Location QOH Custom shipping integration that can offer pickup options based on QOH.
What is Add-On Functionality?

The Lightspeed eCom Web Store Platform like other eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento etc all have at their core the following basic functionality.

A viewer can navigate to product categories, see a product of interest usually presented in a thumbnail view, they can select that product, to go to a detail page, add product to cart and checkout. This is referred to as the 'Core Functionality' of the eCommerce platform.

In addition, it is very common and highly likely that 'add-on functionality' may also be required, based on the design or specific to the type of business you operate. Some examples of 'add-on functionality' would be 'visual' as in showing color swatches of your products color availability rather then depending on the drop-down text menu. Or, 'functional' such as adding in the ability to use Gift Cards as payment options during checkout.

AdVision has available both within Lightspeed's App Marketplace or directly from us, a host of existing apps that you can easily subscribe to. We are also available to build custom applications specific to your requirements or install 3rd party integrations such as custom payment or shipping gateways. Add-On Functionality, can be added during the development, or at any future time after launch.

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