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Consent Mode is a tool that adjusts Google tags and scripts on third-party websites based on visitor consent. It enables websites to treat data anonymously for some users while processing it normally for others.

It is a comprehensive solution integrated by AdVision using to ensure legal compliance and data protection for your website. This app offers a range of features to enhance user privacy and consent management.

Key Features:

● Basic Legal Policy: Receive a foundational legal policy to establish compliance with privacy regulations.
● Policy Edits: Customize and update policies up to 4 times to reflect any changes in regulations or business practices.
● Monthly Banner Views: Display up to 10,000 banner views per month to inform users about data collection practices.
● Cookie Policy & Banner: Implement a cookie policy and banner to inform users about cookie usage on your website.
● Cookie Script Auto Blocker: Automatically block cookie scripts until user consent is obtained.
● HTML Embeddable Policies: Easily embed policies into your website's HTML for seamless integration.
● Quarterly Cookie Scans: Conduct regular scans to ensure compliance with cookie regulations.
● Custom Consent Banner: Embed a customized consent banner to meet global privacy requirements effectively.
● Consent Preference Center: Allow visitors to control their tracking preferences with a consent preference center.
● Google Tag Manager Integration: Communicate user consent preferences using Google Tag Manager's consent mode.
● Google's Consent Mode v2 Setup: Implement Google's Consent Mode v2 on your website for enhanced consent management.

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This app empowers clients to navigate the complexities of data privacy regulations, build trust with users, and demonstrate a commitment to protecting user data.

Benefits: ● Enhanced compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR
● Ability to differentiate between consenting and non-consenting users
● Customized data handling based on user consent status
Why this App/Service:

This app is crucial for businesses as it enables compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR, customizes data handling based on user consent, and fosters trust by respecting privacy preferences.

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