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Grab Their Attention & Grow Your Sales

Seen at the very top of the page, this first line of text, referred to as the primary site 'ribbon' for SEO considerations, will help you promote timely events.

The text can change from category to category or stay constant throughout.

It is self-administrative so that you can keep up with these notifications or put in a 'call to action' for your customers, within that line of text.


• Promote Events
• Suggest Products
• Helps Grow Sales

Why this App/Service: This line of text at the top, is 'always' read and is the most valuable real-estate on the page.
Top Incentivizer Bar
  • Top Incentivizer Bar - Ideal for Special Shipping Offers e.g. Buy $100 + and get Free Shipping

  • Ethos - Top Incentivizer Bar - seen at the top

  • Peak Whistler - Top Incentivizer Bar - seen at the top

Live Example(s):

  • Flea Boutiques - Top Incentivizer Bar View
  • The Bottle Shop - Top Incentivizer BarView
  • Peak Whistler - Top Incentivizer BarView
  • Ethos - Top Incentivizer BarView

Example Gallery Page(s):

  • Demo eCom - Top Incentivizer BarView

Demo Page:

  • Demo eCom - Top Incentivizer BarView

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