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Loyalty & Rewards - Kangaroo

Lightspeed's Most Compatible & Customizable Loyalty Application

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AdVision recommends Kangaroo Loyalty Program for Lightspeed integration. 

In the majority of installation and setup for Kangaroo, the Lightspeed user will not need our assistance as Kangaroo makes it super easy. 

However, once you have Kangaroo setup, you may wish to customize the process based on other 3rd party tools you may be using locally. Kangaroo has a great API that allows advanced customization of their application and that is where AdVision may be considered.

What is Kangaroo Loyalty?

Join the growing list of successful businesses that have already benefited from Kangaroo Rewards to significantly increase their revenues, customer acquisition, and customer retention.

Knowing your customers will make your business thrive.  Kangaroo Rewards offers all you need to help you build strong relationships with your customers.

How to make your business stand out?

Kangaroo has the answers - Start building lasting customer relationships and watch your business soar to new heights. 


• Integration with most major point-of-sale solutions, such as Lightspeed and Shopify
• Integration with other major e-commerce platforms
• Branded Loyalty App for your customers
• Personalized offers
• Ambassador Program and Review Program
• Tier Program
• Marketing Platform for customer engagement through SMS/Email/Push
• ROI at a glance
• Gamification

Why this App/Service: How to know if some offers work better than others if you can’t gauge and compare results? What promotions generate the most revenue and the best ROI?  Do you think your best customers are also your best ambassadors - Do they know that?  Do they have the podium and microphone to talk about your business?

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