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Expanded Details Tell More & You Will Sell More

There are certain types of products such as hardware for example that need to have extended descriptions and or tables/charts to be available for the visitor in consideration of the product.

Usually appearing on the main product page and displayed within tabs to help limit the amount of information presented to the visitor they are a convenient way of showing more detailed information to the visitor.

Any existing tables or charts can be triggered to show on specific products or globally across a given category.


• More comprehensive the details the better the SEO
• Visitors make a more informed decision
• Helps Grow Sales

Why this App/Service: Certain product required more details when in comparison to similar products on the same site - sizing as an example.
  • Product Charts & Tables - Present extended details (tabs) Description, Chart Specifications, Drawings

  • Stride & Glide - Product Charts & Tables - seen under product description

  • Island Surf - Product Charts & Tables - seen on page

Example Page(s):

  • Stride & Glide - Product Charts & Tables - seen under product description View
  • Pualani Hawaii - Product Charts & Tables - seen on pageView
  • ETAIN - Product Charts & Tables - seen on pageView
  • Island Surf - Product Charts & Tables - seen on pageView

Demo Page:

  • Demo eCom - Product Charts & Tables - seen under product descriptionView

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