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Category Thumbnail Colours

Category Page - Thumbnail color swatches allow customers to visually explore product options by displaying various color choices directly on the product listing page

Implementing Thumbnail Color or Pattern Swatches on the product listing pages of an e-commerce web store can significantly enhance the user experience and contribute to increased sales.

By incorporating these visual elements, businesses can provide customers with a more interactive and informative shopping journey.

* requires Color swatches, Product Images, and Catalog Cloner App to work.


  • Improved Visual Representation on the Product Listing Page
  • Quick Selection and Navigation
  • Increased Confidence and Conversion

Why this App/Service:

Thumbnail swatches help build customer confidence by offering a realistic representation of the product's appearance, reducing the likelihood of post-purchase dissatisfaction.

Live Example(s):

  • Peak Performance Whistler - Thumbnail Swatches - seen on product listing page View
  • LOVACO - Thumbnail Swatches - seen on product listing pageView
  • Lucky Nail Supply - Thumbnail Swatches - seen on product listing pageView

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