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According to Title III of the ADA, websites are considered places of public accommodation and therefore must be made accessible to persons with disabilities. The standard of accessibility is called the WCAG and it addresses many disabilities.

Each year, thousands of businesses small and large receive demand letters and lawsuits for their site not being in compliance and end up paying thousands of dollars in settlements and legal fees.

The ADA & WCAG Compliance service offered by AdVision takes only 2-4 hours to integrate and you will immediately obtain documentation of your accessibility and compliance.

To get started, the web store owner will need to sign up for an account with AccessiBe, and the annual cost of that account is not included in our integration service.

The cost of the AccessiBe license is dependent on how many product pages you have set to sell on your Lightspeed eCom platform and is billed monthly or annually.

This LINK will allow you to sign up with AccessiBe and assign your account to our AccessiBe Partnership account.

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Once this account has been attached to AdVision's partnership account within AccessiBe, AdVision can then install the code to connect your eCom to the AccessiBe tool and then run the full 'audit'.

AdVision will then take the time to address all items in the audit and update the code on your customized Lightspeed web store to assure full ADA and WCAG Compliance and this in turn will generate the Certification & Statement of accessibility and performance, seen on your web store.

We will also customize the colors and other visual settings of the AccessiBe tool, to fit comfortably into your web store present design/theme.


ADA Compliance Tool allows users with disabilities to adjust...

• Screen-Readers
• Keyboard Navigation
• User Interface
• Design Layout, Text, Fonts, Formatting & Depth of Color

Compliance is maintained by scanning every 24 hrs for any new issues and reporting those issue that jeopardizes compliance.

Why this App/Service:

To protect your business from potential litigation and to expand your business by making your site accessible to more visitors. eCommerce websites are the most heavily hit with web accessibility demand letters and lawsuits. 

ADA Title III   |   Section 508   |  ACA/AODA  I  EAA/EN 301549  I  GDPR

Record Number of Lawsuits Filed Over Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Not Having An ADA Compliant Website Could Be Costly

  • ADA & WCAC Compliance - Significantly improve access to your Web Store, for people with disabilities

  • ADA & WCAC Compliance (bottom-right) seen on Orange Bird eCom Webstore

  • ADA & WCAC Compliance options seen on Orange Bird eCom Webstore

  • ADA & WCAC Compliance options seen on Fiddlesticks eCom Webstore

Live Example(s):

  • Calakids - ADA & WCAC Compliance - seen at the bottomView
  • Fiddlesticks - ADA & WCAC Compliance - seen at the bottomView
  • Flying Lizard Boutique - ADA & WCAC Compliance - seen at the bottomView

Demo Page:

  • Demo eCom - ADA & WCAC Compliance - seen in FooterView

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