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If you organize regular events, a wine tasting, for example, we can simply integrate any events calendar from a third party.

The calendar can be self-administered by you and would show on the respective pages of your eCom web store while connecting back to the third party.


• Simple Integration
• Convenient
• Customizable

Why this App/Service: Offering event scheduling is relevant on certain types of businesses.
Events Calendar Integration
  • Events Calendar Integration - Schedule and Display Events Calendar, that you can self administer

  • Enchanted of Salem - Events Calendar Integration

  • Fibre Space - Events Calendar Integration

Live Example(s):

  • Fibre Space - Events Calendar Integration - seen on page View
  • Enchanted of Salem - Events Calendar Integration - seen on pageView

Example Gallery Page(s):

  • Tommy's Bicycle Shop - Events Calendar Integration - seen at the bottom View

Demo Page:

  • Demo eCom - Events Calendar Integration - seen at the bottomView

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