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Encourage Personal Interactions While Buiding Relationships

The 'Book a Fitting' is an app that allows your online eCom Web Store customers to view your products and to generate a 'fitting list' while they browse.

These fitting lists consist of items from the product catalog, usually clothing, that they'd like to schedule an appointment to visit your store to try on, rather then purchasing online at that moment.

After a customer has put the items they want to 'try on and fit' they submit that list, with a preferred date/time for an appointment and that information is then emailed to the Web Store owner, to finalize the appointment with the customer.

Self-administration options allows the owner to select times and dates better suited for these bookings.


• Promotes in-person customer interaction
• Enhances the online shopping experience
• Captures clients who may be adverse to online-only transactions
• Helps to integrate your "Brick n' Mortar" store with your Web Store

Why this App/Service:

To encourage personal interaction with your customers at your physical retail store and give store owners/employees an opportunity to build relationships with customers.

  • Book Fitting - Encourage personal interaction by offering an 'in-store' fitting appointment

  • Zahara Boutique - Book Fitting - Add to ClickFit seen on the right

  • Boutique Lustre - Book Fitting - Calendly options on page

  • Titan Gold - Book Fitting - Book Now button using Booxi

  • King of Clubs Gold - Book Fitting - Golf fitting option

Live Example(s):

  • Fibre Space - Book Fitting Appointment Page View
  • Zahara Boutique - Book Fitting - "Add to ClickFit" seen on the right View
  • Boutique Lustre - Book Fitting - Calendly options on page View
  • Titan Gold - Book Fitting - "Book Now" button using Booxi View
  • King of Clubs Gold - Book Fitting - Golf fitting option View

Live Page(s) Image Gallery:

  • Demo eCom - Book Fitting - seen on the right View

Demo Page:

  • Demo eCom - Book Fitting - seen on the right View

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