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Order Splitter + Multi Shop Compiler

Automates Order Distribution to 'shops'.

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The Multi Shop Compiler is an app with functionality that is available for companies that have multiple locations  'shops ' within their Lightspeed Retail POS (LSR), and are looking to feed all of their combined products through to one (1) Lightspeed eCom Web Store.

Lightspeed offers functionality released in late 2020, to address showing inventory levels of products from multiple shops/locations on the main product page on eCom. 

However, it does not allow you to have the orders redirected back to the 'location/shop' and sync the inventory levels back up to eCom during the process.

The huge difference with AdVision's Compiler app is that we actually 'Compile' all of your products from all locations and upload them to ONE eCom, not just show inventory numbers.

The app's main functionality is to compile all inventory stock levels and feed that compiled inventory values and products into the eCom Web Store via the LSR.  The inventory level for a product can show the combined inventory level of the product from all the  'shops', or the app can also list the individual stock on hand from each 'shop'.

The app requires a unique 'location/shop' within the Lightspeed Retail account. This LSR 'shop' is in addition to any existing 'shops', where each location's individual inventories are tracked from.

This new 'shop' is where the Multi Shop Compiler app will compile the inventory, and it is this 'shop' that the eCom Web Store will be connected to, so as to pull its product catalog data from and send its online orders back to.

An option that is available when you have the AdVision's Multi Shop app installed, an app that compliments the Multi Shop by adding in the Order Splitter functionality.

When working with Multi Shop, all eCom orders are downloaded into the one master 'shop', but the actual inventory for the items being ordered exists in other 'shops' within the Lightspeed Retail account.

The Order Splitter automates the distribution of the items being ordered by creating 'sales' into the specified 'shop' with stock on hand, so as to fulfill those items and update inventory levels.

Which 'shop' receives items to fulfill depends on the 'rules' set up within the Order Splitter app. These rules offer multiple criteria to help determine the best 'shop' to fulfill each item.

Why is this an option : Some clients administer and fulfill, from just one LSR 'shop' connecting to their eCom Web Stores, while others need to send the orders to other 'shops', usually at another geographic location, to fulfill the orders.


• Automates distribution of ordered items to mulitiple shops
• Rules can determine how a 'shop' receives an order
• Order processing facilitates inventory volume updates
• Don't have to manually transfer stock between LSR 'shops'
• Keeps compiled eCom inventory stock quantities up-to-date

Why this App/Service:

To automate the redistribution of eCom online orders back to the LSR 'shop' of inventory origin.

  • The Order Splitter automates the distribution of the items being ordered by creating 'sales' into the specified 'shop' with stock on hand, so as to fulfill those items and update inventory levels

  • Admin view #1 of the Order Splitter App

  • Admin view #2 of the Order Splitter App

  • LSR Multi-Shop Compiler and Order Splitter

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