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Customize a unique homepage design, and replace the existing homepage that came bundled with the eCom theme.

Description : The 'Custom Homepage' app and service is based on AdVision working with you to re-design a new homepage layout.

Many customers need to breakdown the elements shown on their homepage into sections, such as sale incentives, new products and featured brands, on sale etc, and this is not always the way the initial theme's homepage was laid out.

In addition to a new design layout, AdVision installs the Custom Homepage' app, self-administration functionality, that allows the Web Store owner to edit their Homepage content as and when they need to.


Owners can schedule content to load on certain dates and times to promote a sale for example, and once the time has expired, the Homepage reverts back to default content.  Great for creating Homepages for every Sale Event throughout the year.

Installation includes a custom design of the homepage, along with its 'content' within sections.

- Custom Design and Layouts of Homepage template

- Schedule content to change on certain dates and times

- Default content loads when no content changes are scheduled

Why this App/Service: So that eCom users can have a custom design on their homepage that presents multiple incentives (images/text), separated into sections, that is more specific to their brand and company image, and that they can self-administer.
  • Custom Homepage - Customize a unique homepage design, and install on any eCom theme

  • Commerce Goods Supply - Custom Homepage - Landing Page

  • Junebug - Custom Homepage - Landing Page

  • Bailey Blu - Custom Homepage - Shop Landing Page

Live Example(s):

  • Gus & Ruby - Custom Homepage - Store Landing Page View
  • Plumbing Parts Plus - Custom Homepage - Shop Landing Page View
  • Linen Alley - Custom Homepage - Landing Page View

Live Page(s) Image Gallery:

  • Amego - Custom Homepage View

Demo Page:

  • Demo eCom - Custom Homepage View

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