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Name Recognition Builds Confidence & Promotes Sales

Usually appearing on the homepage, a horizontal or grid array of recognized brand logos can be used to direct visitors specifically to products for that given brand.

This application when installed allows the web store owner to self-administer the logos that are available to be seen and linked accordingly.

Includes the initial design and integration of this to any existing homepage on a Lightspeed eCom Theme.


• Promotes Branding vs Product Categories
• Recognized brands capture and value add to the Visitor's attention

Why this App/Service: Searching by Brand is a principle sort on eCommerce Web Stores, and having a more interactive way to capture the Visitor's attention and interact, is desirable.
  • Brand Logo Scroller - Self Administration of all Brand Logos and link to all products from that Brand

  • Metzler Violins - Brand Logo Scroller

  • Dromgoole's - Brand Logo Scroller

Live Example(s):

  • Dromgoole's - Brand logo scroller near the bottom View
  • Metzler Violins - Brand logo scroller near the bottom View
  • Cashmere Essentials - Brand logo scroller near the bottom View

Live Page(s) Image Gallery:

  • Earrings & Company - Our Brands scroller at the bottom View

Demo Page:

  • Demo eCom - Logo scroller at the bottom View

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