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Location Stock Syncing and Order Fulfillment

Amazon Today!

Lightspeed Retail R Series and selling your items through Amazon.

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AdVision's app can help by syncing stock quantity changes for your locations from Retail to Amazon, syncing order creation and changes between Amazon Today! and Retail R-series, and handling the Return workflow with Amazon and Retail! Both BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In-Store) and Amazon Delivery are supported!


 Creating/managing catalog data is handled through Amazon Seller Central and Advison's app handles keeping Amazon Today up-to-date on each location's stock of items only.

App checks for changes to stock in your Retail locations every five minutes, and any changes that are found are then communicated to Amazon Today. This keeps Amazon Today up-to-date on each store's stock so they can offer Amazon users the option to buy from one of your stores!

ORDER SYNCING• Confirms with Amazon the notice of the new shipment was received.

Whenever a new order (shipment) is created for you in Amazon Today, Amazon informs our app which then begins the order fulfillment workflow:

  • • Checks stock at location where the order was placed to confirm the stock is available.
     - if the stock is no longer available, inform Amazon, and the shipment is canceled

  •  • Creates a new sale in the Retail location for the order and emails you of a shipment.
    - customer info not included as Amazon does not provide customer info

  •  • Creates package(s) for the shipment (in-app) and informs Amazon of the package(s).

  •  • Generates invoices with AmazonToday and informs you that a shipment is ready to pack.

  •  • Shipment moved to packing, an SMS alert is sent at 5 minutes, and an automated voice alert.
    - requires Twilio services and is called into the store after 15 minutes

  • • Your team can log in to, find the shipment, print the packing slip, and start packing.

  • • Once packing is complete, the app will generate label(s) with Amazon Today.

  •  • App then informs Amazon that the shipment is ready for pickup.
    - either by the customer directly or by Amazon shipper

  • • When the customer or shipper arrives, scan the barcode presented to mark it as shipped!

Throughout the process, the app will listen for changes to the shipment from Amazon (in case it's canceled from Amazon's end).


Customers who purchase through Amazon Today can generate a return authorization on Amazon. Our app helps handle the process from your end:

When a customer comes into the store, your team would access the Return interface in the app and ask Amazon to confirm the return is valid (using the RMA # the customer provides). The app asks Amazon if the return is valid and if so, creates a return in the app

Your team can then accept the return (so the customer can go on their way) and process the return (then or later)

To process the return, the app has you indicate what condition the item in the return is in, and the app communicates that to Amazon so you can be made whole (if needed).

The app will also create a "Refund Sale" in Retail to account for the returned item.


Grow Your Brand - encourage local shopping and delivery through Amazon Today!

Why this App/Service:

Optimizing the Lightspeed product catalogue to feed multiple income streams of revenue.

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