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Data Bridge - Wholesaler Solution

Connect one Lightspeed Retail Account to multiple eCom Sites.

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Lightspeed's Omni-channel connector allows you to connect only one eCom website to your Lightspeed Retail Point-of-Sale. 

Replacing the Omni connector with AdVision's own connector, the Data Bridge app, can significantly increase the functionality between Lightspeed Retail and your multiple eCom Web Stores.

The Data Bridge app feeds catalog data from the one Lightspeed Retail account to multiple eCom shops.  

For each eCom site, you can assign the Retail location you want to send eCom orders to and specify the catalog data you want to sync from Retail to eCom.

If you have multiple pricing levels setup in your Retail catalog, you can indicate which pricing level each eCom should use (for example: wholesale pricing vs retail pricing), or disable price syncing to an eCom site to manage pricing for that site directly in the eCom admin.

If you don't want certain products showing in a particular eCom site, we can setup "trigger" criteria to determine which items should sync to each eCom site. 

Like the Omni-channel connection, AdVision’s Data Bridge can push new products and product changes from Retail to eCom, including basic product info, brands, categories, pricing, and images.

The Bridge will also take new eCom orders and import them into a specified location within your Retail account, and certain sale updates in Retail are synced back to the eCom order.

For Technical Details check out the FAQ link above.


- Connect one Lightspeed Retail account to multiple eCom websites
- Replaces (or works alongside) Lightspeed's Omni-channel Connector
- Manage app's settings to sync data between Retail and eCom website(s)
- Manually initiate syncs of products and orders
- Maintains catalog and order syncing similar to functionality of Omni connector
- Extended flexibility and advanced functionality
- Supports different pricing levels per eCom site

Why this App/Service:

Circumnagivate existing limitations of Omni-channel connector to support increased flexibility and multiple eCom sites connecting to a single Lightspeed Retail account.

  • Databridge App: Connects one LS Retail Account to multiple eCom's

  • Demo eCom - Data Bridge Wholesale option - seen in the Footer

  • Databridge App: Products Sync from Retail to eCom(s)

  • Databridge App - Admin View > Orders Sync from Retail to eCom(s)

  • How does Data Bridge work?

Live Example(s):
  • Demo eCom - Data Bridge Wholesale option - seen in the Footer View
Live Page(s) Image Gallery:
  • Demo eCom - Data Bridge Wholesale option - seen in the Footer View

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