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Homepage Slideshow

Homepage Slideshow

Interactive Apps / Services

Easy content control for interactive imagery on the eCom Web Store Homepage.

$ 19.95 USD - Monthly Subscription


Description : Available on the Lightspeed app Marketplace, the 'Homepage Slideshow' app allows the owner, to add dynamic, interactive imagery to their existing Homepage, on their subscribed theme.

Features initially is a large image area, usually seen at that top portion of the Homepage, with scrolling images, left to right, that are either manually scrolled through or automatically, based on a timer.

Self-administration tools allows  the owner to upload images to size, set the display order and duration of scrolling.

Multiple slide shows can be setup and scheduled to display on certain dates, changing back to a default display once the dates have passed.

- Self-administer slideshow content
- Create multiple slideshows to be used at different events
- Schedule broadcast dates for content to display
- Default slideshow loads when no 'events' are scheduled

Why this App/Service : So that eCom Web Store owners, can update the large image slideshow on their Homepage and helps promote a 'sale event' during specified dates.