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Catalog Cloner

Having a copy of your catalog data on our servers allows AdVision to circumnavigate the limitations of accessing data through the eCom API.

By cloning the catalog, this opens up many integration opportunities that would otherwise be stifled by eCom's API limitations. This data is frequently updated, automatically, from your eCom catalog, but also supports manually syncing of data at your request.

The Catalog Cloner is a must-have app for truly utilizing your catalog data beyond just eCom.


- Allows for extended custom development requirements
- Circumnavigates Lightspeed's API limitations
- Data availability allows for 3rd party integrations

Why this App/Service:

Makes eCom catalog data available to 3rd parties outside of the limitations of Lightspeed's eCom API.

  • Admin view of the Catalog Cloner App

  • Flow Graph Illustrating the Catalog Cloner App

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