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Mega Menu

Mega Menu

Interactive Apps / Services

Make it faster and easier for your visitor to conceptualize at a glance, the entire navigation of the eCom Web Store's products and services.

$ 600.00 - 800.00 USD - Estimated


Description : Have you notice that on some Web Stores and Websites that the top of the page navigation, presents much larger 'Mega Menu' that appears and at a glance, you can easily see what products or services are on offer, all within categories.

By giving a visitor an 'all in one place' to reference the eCom Web Store overall navigation, and not having them have to 'drill down' through levels of sub navigation, gives the visitor a quick visual 'sense of place' within the Web Store.

This encourages them to discover more of the eCom Web Store, because they now have a sense of where they have been and where they could still navigate to, within the eCom Web Store.
The MegaMenu features standard 'rollover colors', that lock on, based on all pages previously visited per the visitors browser session.

- Presents an 'all in one' visual reference of site navigation
- Instills a sense of place for the visitors
- Can be customized on most themes or designs

Why this App/Service : To present an all in once visual reference of a Web Store's entire navigation at a glance.

Site Examples :