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Password Protect

Password Protect

Administrative Apps / Services

Restrict access to Categories and Products within an eCom Web Store.

$ 400.00 USD - One-time


Description : At times  it is necessary to restrict access to certain categories, brands or products on a eCom Web Store.

The Password Protect app allows you to setup and apply a password to a given product category to restrict access.

An example would be based on a suppliers restriction of selling to the general public a particular brand, or a sports team, that should only vies their branded products and so with this app, you can set up a password protection of any category, you require.

The admin interface allows you to self-administer the restricted access to those pages with your own chosen password(s).

- Limit products, brands, categories to a restricted audience
- Helps address supplier restrictions on brands or products

Why this App/Service : To restrict access to certian products/content, while keeping open public access to other categories that are not restricted.