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Password Protect Login

At times it is necessary to restrict access to certain pages within your eCom Web Store. The Password Protect app allows you to setup and apply a password to specific pages (URLs) to restrict access to those pages, so only those with the password can view them.

An example would be if you wanted to limit viewing of a particular category to select persons, with the app, you could set up password protection of that category's page, requiring visitors to enter a password to view it.

The admin interface allows you to self-administer the restricted access to those pages with your own chosen password.


- Limit specific URL's to a restricted audience.

Why this App/Service:

To restrict access to certain pages within your eCom site, while keeping open public access to the remainder of your site.

  • Admin view of the Password Protect App

  • Flow Graph Illustrating the Password Protect App

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