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Custom Shipping

Custom Shipping

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Offer Shipping Rates and options on the eCom Web Store Checkout page, for a shipper not bundled with Lightspeed Retail or eCom.

$ 600.00 - 1,200.00 USD - Estimated


Description : AdVision can set-up a custom Shipping Integration for most Shipping Companies.

If you find yourself needing to use a Shipping carrier, that is not part of the existing shippers bundled with Lightspeed, AdVision can install almost any other Shipping carrier that you have an account with, as long as they have an accessible API (most do).

Send us the name of your Shipper, along with a link to their API documentation, the method of integration you'd like to use.

AdVision can setup a custom Shipping Integration based on that carrier's API, thus making those shipping options available on the checkout page of eCom.

- Custom shipping rates/options on the eCom Checkout page
- Allows your specific shipper to be integrated into eCom.
- Suited for customers with more complex shipping criteria

Why this App/Service : Because based on your products or geographic location, you can not always use any of the existing 'shippers' that come pre-bundled with Lightspeed Retail or eCom.