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Supporting Neighbourhoods, The Convenience of Shopping Locally

If you have multiple locations in your Retail R-series account that customers shop from, you can now offer the ability to shop for items that are in stock at a particular location on your eCom site!

How does it work?

Our app pulls the R-series catalog data from your account (syncing every 5 minutes), clones your eCom catalog data (virtually in real-time), and matches each item in Retail to its appropriate variant in eCom (via a unique identifying field determined at setup), allowing the app to know which items in eCom are in stock at a particular location.

The app then displays a "Shop by Location" selector on your eCom site. Suppose the user does not wish to limit the results they see based on location, they can simply ignore the shop by location selector and their experience on your site will remain as is. However, if the user does which to shop by location, they can simply select the location they're interested in and then the app will take over loading thumbnail results in your site's category and search views!

To accomplish this, when a user views a category or search page that lists products, the app hides the product results generated by eCom, and loads its own product results based on which items are in stock at the selected location. The app respects the selected category, search keyword, and standard eCom filters. The app's thumbnail display is customized on installation to match your existing eCom theme's product thumbnail display as closely as possible.

NOTE: The app does not determine which shipping options are available in checkout or which location eCom sends an order to, it is only used in filtering which items are displayed to the user in category and search results.

If you're interested in limiting which Store Pickup options are offered to a user based on Retail location stock, please see our "Store Pickup by Location QOH" app. If you're interested in routing sales for fulfillment based on Retail location stock, please ask about our "Order Splitter" app.


Giving your customers the ability to shop locally for convenience, and to contribute to their local community.

Why this App/Service:

Existing catalogue structure within Lightspeed does not allow for specific Shop By Location inventory isolation.

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