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Product Images

Product Images

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Circumnavigate the maximum quantity and image size limits for products, on the Lightspeed eCom Web Store platform.

$ 600.00 USD - One-time & $ 9.99 USD - Monthly Subscription


Description : Lightspeed eCom presently has a limitation in regards to how many images you can upload to a given product (12), and the maximum image dimension (1000 pixels).

AdVision's Product Image app allows you to bypass these limitations and show as many images per product as you wish on your eCom Web Store.

In addition the app, maximum image width is 2000 pixels, twice that of eCom's, but we generally suggest no more the 1400 in consideration of page loading speed.

Both standard screen resolutions of 72 DPI and the internet HiRes standard of 96 DPI can be accommodated. The application also comes bundled with the Magic Zoom Plus plug-in for a polished, dynamic, and interactive experience when viewing and transitioning images on the product pages

- Overrides limitation of image sizes in Lightspeed
- Assign more than 12 images per product
- Works with standard and hi-res web sized images
- MagicZoom visual display and transitioning effects.

Why this App/Service : To go beyond the 12 images per product restriction and maximum image size restrictions on  the Lightspeed eCom platform.