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Age Verification

Age Verification

Interactive Apps / Services

Restrict visitors access to your eCom Web Store based on a legal required minimum age.

$ 14.25 USD - Monthly Subscription


Description : Available on the Lightspeed app Marketplace, the 'Age Verification' app is used by customers selling age-prohibited products online, and requires a visitor to initailly pass through an age verification process, before entering the Web Store, in order to comply with state or federal regulations.

The Age Verification app features a pop-up (that is not effeced by pop-up blocking settings on the visitor's browser), prior to entering your Web Store, and grants or denies access if the user meets the age requirements you've specified in the app settings.

Current version is 'trust based' relying on the users input and this has met the requirements of the majority of Web Store.

A more expanded version of this application is also available for connecting to identity verification APIs such as 'Token of Trust' to confirm a users identity before allowing access.

- Easy install process
- Ideal for "legal" sales of Tobacco, Marijuana, Guns and Alcohol
- Self-administrator via app admin interface

Why this App/Service : To meet certain local laws and government regulations when selling age-restricted products.