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Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

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Helps increase or maintain SEO placement by optimizing site speed performance.

$ 400.00 - 600.00 USD - Estimated


Description : So the eCom Web Store has been customized or branded and is up and running, but has it been 'Performance Optimized' across all devices?

Google runs performance tests on all registered Web Stores and downgrades SEO scores on slower sites.

Speed and responsiveness may not always be easily accessed by the Web Store owner, as they experience it on their browser. The visitor’s, browsing experience may be very different from the owner's, depending on a myriad of factors.

AdVision offers our eCom 'Performance Optimization' service to review the CSS/Java code and related files to assess and/or compile.

The ultimate aim is to get a higher Google 'speed' score across all customized pages, static and dynamic and across all template sets, for desktop and mobile devices.

- Run Performance Tests
- Google Optimization Reporting
- Review file structure and optimize hierarchy
- Compile files CSS and JAVA
- Report Performance Improvement and Score

Why this App/Service : Because every Lightspeed eCom Web Store that is customized, produces its own unique code and this code should be tested and optimized, so that you maintain a higher ranking in your SEO [Search Engine Optimization] with Google.