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Order Sync

Order Sync

Administrative Apps / Services

Export customer and order data to external, third-party CRM or Accounting applications.

$ 600.00 USD - One-time


Description : The 'Order Sync' app will read the 'customer account data' within eCom and make available that data, in a custom formatted export file, for other external 3rd party systems.  

An example would be if you wish to keep an updated list of your customers who have purchased online.

The Order Sync read this data and makes available an export file customized and formatted by AdVision, so that you can import into your CRM, such as SalesForce.

- Collect Data from eCom Orders
- Sync order data with 3rd party integrations via API or datafeeds
- Keeps CRM and Accounting apps up-to-date with eCom data

Why this App/Service : To utilize the customer customer data, that has been entered into eCom for other external considerations.