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QuickShop Pop-Up

QuickShop Pop-Up

Interactive Apps / Services

Speed up the order process of the Web Store by offering the ability to 'add to cart' quickly, on a Category page, rather than a Product page.

$ 600.00 USD - One-time


Description : The 'Quick Shop Pop-Up' works in conjunction with the 'Hover Display' functionality and will present to the visitor a pop-up that appears under their cursor as they rollover product images that are seen on any given Category page.

The coding of this pop-up is not effected or influenced by pop-up blocking on a visitor's browser.The pop-up shows, the 'add to cart' button, that if used, will bypass the requirement to navigate to each and every Product page to then add to cart.

Also featured is a 'see details' button, which does direct the visitor onto the main associated product page if they wish.

Ideal for groceries or other products, where reviewing each page and related details is not as necessary to the extent other types of products require.

- Speedy process of adding products to the cart
- Ideal for multi-product purchases such as groceries
- Custom designed pop-up, to visually compliment the theme

Why this App/Service : To speed up the process of adding items to the cart by bypassing the requirement to visit each and every product page.