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Sticky Menu

Sticky Menu

Interactive Apps / Services

Lock the 'header navigation' to the top of the page so as to be constantly in view of the visitor as they scroll down a page.

$ 400.00 USD - One-time


Description : The 'Sticky Menu' visually locks to the top of the screen the Web Store's header - that being the logo, associated artwork and primary navigation links and has the rest of the page contents load below, scrolling up and disappearing underneath the header.

This functionality keeps the header in view to the visitor at all times, regardless of how far they have scrolled down the page(s) of the eCom Web Store and is ideal for mixing with other add-on functionality services, such as the 'ParallaxEffects', that help encourage visitor interaction (UX).

- Keeps primary header navigation in view at all times
- Encourages visitor interaction (UX)
- Gives 'sense of place' to the visitor

Why this App/Service : Makes eCom Web Store navigation easier to the visitor by keeping the primary header navigation in view at all times.