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Hover Content Display

Hover Content Display

Interactive Apps / Services

A visual effect that loads other content when the mouse hovers over an element on any given page.

$ 600.00 USD - One-time


Description : Promotes interactivity (UX) by having the visitor trigger other content to load beneath their cursor, while hovering over a given text or image element on a page.

This can be setup to trigger, for example, as a visitor is on a Category page and while rolling over a thumbnail image, a popup box can appear under the cursor showing colors available.

Search filters, call to action buttons or loading specific dynamic content can all be customize within this effect.

- Promotes visitors interactivity
- Speeds up product presentation and navigation
- Can be customized for most content

Why this App/Service : Speeds up content presentation and navigation by providing links and option to the visitor at the preliminary source (images or text), rather then having them navigate on to subsequent pages.

Site Examples : [cart hover shows product(s) in cart]