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Broad Search

Broad Search

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A more accurate and comprehensive search tool, based on multiple words searches.

$ 600.00 USD - One-time


Description : Lightspeed eCom's existing search functionality relies on 'single word by word'' comparisons and can at times be lacking in a fully comprehensive results based on multiple word searches.

Most people use multiple words when searching and whereas the Lightspeed search will look for a single word instance, within the data, AdVision Broad Search app, will look for multiple words, in a 'string' or 'individually' shared across other product data fields.

Visitors, will generally only try twice to enter a search request, and if they can't easily find what they are searching for, they are likely to stop browsing, and leave Web Store.

AdVision's Broad Search app expands search results by running it's own search query for a broader set of results that match 'any' of the multiple keywords entered, returning a comprehensive set of results, and with the most relevant results shown first.

- Replaces existing Lightspeed Search function
- Produces a broader set of results with "multi-keyword" searches
- Search queries full set of product content fields
- When searches are successful, your visitors will browse longer

Why this App/Service : To improve upon search results that are generated by the default search functionality bundled with Lightspeed eCom.