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Description : So you have setup your eCom Web Store, but it's not exactly looking or acting the way you want it.  AdVision to the Rescue!

If you have a list of miscellaneous requirements on any existing Lightspeed eCom theme that you are subscribed to, you can send us a list of your wishes and ambitions, and we will evaluate and estimate the time for AdVision to address those for you.

This is an ideal solution for Lightspeed users, who have already gone as far as they can in customizing their subscribed theme, but were not able to accomplish either some visual or functional edits that they ultimately would like to have addressed.

We already offer here and on our website a host of apps and services, that are tailored to our most common requests, but if you have any items outside of what you see presented here, please let us know.

- Helps polish visually your initial setup in eCom
- Fixes those items you may not have been able to
- Expands opportunity to introduce other functionality
- Saves you time and money
- Launch with confidence

Why this App/Service : There is a million and one good reasons why, but primarily the main reason, is that you can not generally operate any eCommerce Web Store without having a reliable and experienced 'Support' resource (team), especially if your wish to grow and maximize your web presence.

Customers that try and setup and manage their eCom Web Store by themselves, usually spend far more time then they anticipated and almost always fall short of addressing the vast spectrum of considerations needed both within the eCom portal and other external internet based requirments such as Performance, SEO and Social Media integration.