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3rd Party Integrations

3rd Party Integrations

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Beyond Lightspeed - 3rd party integrations via API

$ 600.00 - 4,800.00 USD - Estimated


Description : One of your most common request we get, is connecting 3rd party integrations via their API into Lightspeed's Retail and eCom Web Store platforms.  Custom Shipping or Payment Gateways are examples of these type of requests.  

AdVision is also available for more elaborate integrations from any 3rd Party that may offer functionality specfic to your type of business.

Depending on business, you may very well have a unique industry standard requirement and have a 3rd party app in mind that you need integrated into your eCom Web Store or fulfilment process.

Please contact AdVision today to discuss any 3rd party integration you may require as in the majority of cases, as long as there is an industry standard API available, we can install/integrate.

- 3rd Party Integrations via API
- Custom Coding to work within eCom
- Dbase, content import/export
- Seamless interaction (UX)s

Why this App/Service : Because third-party integrations are an essential necessity in expanding and using your product and customer data.