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Enhanced Purchase Order Management

Enhanced Purchase Order Management

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Connects to Lightspeed Retail and offers an advanced solution to create, send and receive purchase orders back into your individual Shop/Locations.

$ 3,400.00 USD - One-time & $ 29.99 USD - Monthly Subscription


Description : The Enhanced Purchase Order Management app connects to your Lightspeed Retail Shop/Locations and significantly expands the functionality of your Purchase Order workflow process.

This application will save you time and enhance the accuracy of your Purchase order generation and receiving process that will redistribute products received, and add them to the inventory levels of your multiple Shop/Locations within Lightspeed Retail'.

Offered as a cloud based solution, allowing for future feature add-ons and security updates to be automatically available to all upon release.

See Demo :

Matrix Grid View Mode: Simplifies the process of ordering multiple items from within the same matrix.

Syncing Data From Retail: Imports products, categories, vendors, shops, brands, and tags from your Retail account

Exports Orders to Retail: When a purchase order is sent from the app, it can also be created as an order in Retail; if ordering for multiple shops, the app will also create any necessary inventory transfers to be sent when the order is received

Supports Full Order Workflow: Create, queue, update, send, and receive the order within the app

CSV Import to Build an Order: app provides an import feature (and template) so you can build out the items you want to order in your favorite spreadsheet program, then import the spreadsheet into the app to create the PO

Suggestive Search: easy to locate products you want to add to an order using a suggestive keyword search, along with category and brand filters

Deliver Orders to Vendors by Email or SFTP: Vendor you can indicate if they prefer to receive orders by email or by FTP, which will determine how and where the app sends the order to that vendor

Place an Order for Multiple Shops: Purchase for as many shops (locations) as you need on a single order; any necessary inventory transfers will be created and sent once the order has been fully received

Flexible Order Specifics: Assign a vendor and buyer (employee/user), set the ship-to and purchase-for locations, indicate the payment term, shipping code, shipping method, account # with vendor, shipping instructions and nickname for the order

Multi-Currency Support: Assign a preferred currency to each vendor, and when an order is sent to that vendor, if the currency is different from your currency, the amounts in the order will be converted to the vendor's currency

Orders Categorized By Status: Orders are easy to find by status using our simple navigation.

Manual : Enhanced Purchase Order Management

Why this App/Service : To offer a working solution to Retail users, that need to generate Purchase Orders and Recieve inventory in a more automated process.