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Responsive Review

Responsive Review

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Is your Web Store fully Responsive by Design, across all Devices ?

$ 400.00 - 800.00 USD - Estimated


Description : 'Responsive Design' - is the term used to describe how the pages of your eCom Web Store resize themselves and reorder the text and imagery elements, depending on the size of the display device, from Desktop monitors to iPhones and Androids.

There are different templates within the eCom Web Store that are triggered to load pages and content, depending on the screen size, and it is very common that certain pages of your Web Store, when viewed on your desktop device may not transition all that well, when being 'responsive' to smaller screen sizes.

AdVision can customize all views, across all devices, by setting up and/or editing specific templates, while overriding any default code within the Lightspeed eCom theme.

Our 'Responsive Review' service, works with you to assess any visual issues you may already be aware of while we also do a comprehensive  review of iOS and Android viewing characteristics and edit accordingly.

Finally, testing with Google assures your Web Store meets the most efficient of Google’s 'Mobile Responsive' standards.

- Responsive Design review
- Fix those nagging resizing issues
- Custom redesign specific template

Why this App/Service : Because your eCom theme may not be adjusting to the Responsive templates, as you wish, depending on the device's OS and resizing for the display screen.