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Out-of-Stock Indicator

The disable 'out-of-stock options' app can be installed to address an existing limitation in the functionality of the Lightspeed eCom Web Store, specific to the inability to turn 'off' size or colour matrix options, of a product, when out-of-stock, resulting in displaying an out-of-stock item's details.

AdVision’s application has the ability to automatically hide or disable options that are out-of-stock, so users are unable to select options that would display an out-of-stock product details page.

For example, if a product has options setup for Color and Size and user selects select Color = Red, but Red isn't available in sizes 2 or 6, the app will hide/disable the selections for sizes 2 and 6.

If the user switches to Color = Green, and if 2 and 6 are available in Green, then sizes 2 and 6 would show as available.


- Overrides Lightspeed's functionality limitation
- Display/make available only product options in stock

Why this App/Service:

Address an existing limitation in the functionality of the Lightspeed eCom Web Store.

  • Flow Graph Illustrating the Out-of-Stock Options App

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