Custom eCommerce web stores that connect to in store point-of-sale applications Upload products, download orders, sync inventory in-store and online

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Whatever your Point-of-Sale application or Web store platform, let AdVision guide you through the 'best practices' to maximize your return on investment.

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Fully comprehensive web store development from design through to security, mobile accessibility, search engine optimization and registration.

There are many considerations for the retailer today when it comes to developing their online presence. One of the primary consideration is whether the retailers existing point-of-sale application at their location can connect to a web store and upload products, download orders and maintain inventory levels.

Depending on the type of connectivity from the POS, the retailer then needs to consider whether to go with a Cloud or Self Hosted e-commerce platform and each of these options have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to scalability .

There is a significant investment in 'time and energy' in developing a quality web store and the decisions made in regards to the initial direction the retailer chooses to go, will impact their business over the long-term.

AdVision designs and customizes e-commerce web stores on a variety of platforms and can be connected to various point-of-sale applications or administered independently.

Our web stores can be fully customized to meet our client's design requirements and functionality via a selection of add-on / plugin modules, that enhance the sites owner's access to self administer other content pages over and above the products within the point-of-sale.

AdVision's web stores, value add to the Visitor Perception, as they present a professional, intuitive and interactive experience.

Client's can be confident that AdVision will Support, Maintain and Scale their web store, while keeping up to date with 'what's trending now'.

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eCommerce Development & Programming Team is located in North America, specializing in Customizing Online Web Stores

AdVision designs and customizes eCommerce Online Web Stores on either the Lightspeed or AdVision eCommerce module and our web store's can be connected to various Point-of-Sale applications or administered independently.

In addition we offer PCI compliant hosting, custom programming and a wide selection of eCommerce specific 'add-on functionality' plug-ins.