Upload products, download orders, while maintaining accurate inventory levels across your in store and online business

AdVision builds eCommerce web stores that connect to Lightspeed Retail, Lightspeed OnSite, Vend and Clover Point-of-Sale applications and this is what separates AdVision web stores from other eCommerce web store platform options, such as Shopify and Magento

AdVision designs and customizes e-commerce web stores on our AdVision e-commerce platform (AE) and our web stores can be connected to various point-of-sale applications or administered independently. Support, upgrades and hosting is included.

Our web stores can be fully customized to meet our client's functionality and design requirements.

Subscribe to AE on a month to month basis, let AdVision customize one of our themes into your brand and then choose from our list of add on functionality modules.

Add-on functionality can enhance the sites owner's access to self administered content, such as homepage, Look-book Galleries or licensed zooming image effects, along with making for a more efficient workflow process of administering their web store.

Our web stores value add to the visitor's perception as they present a professional, intuitive and interactive experience. At the same time our client's can be confident that AdVision will support and maintain their web store while keeping up to date with technology trends.

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It's time to achieve all of your hopes and ambitions for your web store

AdVision eCommerce, instills confidence...

  • eCommerce Specialists - 24/7 Online Support
  • Feature Rich Private Self Administration Area
  • PCI Compliant Hosting
  • Secure Public Web Store
  • Mobile Devices Friendly Viewing - Responsive
  • Search Engine Optimized & Registered
Tell Me More About AdVision eCommerce

AdVision eCommerce is a subscription-based platform and includes Hosting, Support & Updates.

* For online payments, an SSL certificate $150.00 and 3rd party PCI/Security Vulnerability Scanning $75.00 is required by the 'payment processor' - 'confirmation seals' appear on checkout page, billed annually

Get AdVision's Development team working for your business and take the guess work out of what trully makes up a successful online business.

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"Very easy and quick to use."

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"I need more experience with it, however the product looks good."

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"The advision team was so helpful and worked extremely fast to get our job finished!"

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Add-on Functionality - Value Add to Your Visitor's Perception

Add movies, larger product images, transitions/effects, control homepage and category content and much more!


Incentivize your web store by having full administrative control of your homepage content

Multiple currencies, different languages

Multiple currencies and different languages are convenient and help you expand your audience's accessibility

Gift Cards

Diversify your shopper's experience through gift cards


Get them interested, promotional or newsletter sign-up popups only for new visitors

Significantly add to your visitor's experience by increasing the interaction between them and the web store.

The longer they stay, the more likely to buy!

AdVision offers an extensive selection of 'Add-on Functionality', some with licensed effects, that give access to self administer content over and above the product catalog coming from the Point-of-Sale. Homepage content, shipping incentives, larger images and more, can all be controlled through 'add-on functionality modules.

More self administrative control of content and a much more enhanced visitor's experience.

Working in concert with our Web Store customizations, our add-ons are available individually or in one of our 3 Add-On Suites that combine the most popular add-ons at a discounted rate.

Price includes the visual and functional customization of the add-on to work with the web store design. All of our web stores carry similar add-on functionality in one form or the other, but how they look and behave is unique to each web store.

Not all add-ons require a support arrangement, however for any add-on that is installed and is dependent on the input POS data, (reading products from) there is a low monthly subscription fee in consideration of future updates of the input Point-of-Sale and/or PCI compliance requirements.

Present an interactive, professional Web Store that works on mobile and desktop devices and is always up to date.

  • Home / Splash $800.00
  • Banner/Letterbox $600.00
  • Magic Zoom $800.00
  • Featured Products $600.00
  • Color Swatches $600.00
  • Gift Cards as Payment $800.00
  • Category Lead-in $600.00
  • Live Chat $200.00
  • LookBook $800.00
  • Image Format Override $600.00
  • Shop By Brands / Collections $800.00
  • Gallery $600.00
  • Newsletter Signup $400.00
  • Multi-Language $600.00
  • Multi-Currency $600.00
  • Multi-Category $800.00
  • Multi-Tier Level Pricing $800.00
  • Credit Card Management $800.00
  • Product Browsing Filters $600.00
  • Custom Shipping Rates Module $600.00
  • Supporting Files $600.00
  • Volume Discount Pricing $600.00
  • Downloadable Products $600.00
  • Data Feed $600.00
  • Loyalty Points $800.00
  • Promo Codes $600.00
  • Product Ratings/Reviews $400.00
  • Store Credits $800.00
  • Wordpress / Blog Customization $800.00
Add-on Functionality

Why Choose AdVision?

Because This is What We Do - And How We Do It

eCommerce Web Stores - Our services encompass all necessary development considerations, so you can launch your online business with confidence

  • Choose from a selection of pre-designed themes, that form the general shape and look of your web store. Easily customizable into your company's branding, they offer an easy and intuitive experience for your customers, while also expanding your access to content throughout.

  • Consider security and the requirement to code and host a web store in a regularly monitored, PCI compliant environment. All our web stores are fully PCI compliant and scanned for vulnerabilities on a regular basis.

  • Expand your web store, through our modular system of add-on functionality. Larger images with effects, advanced search capabilities, homepage content control, data feeds to other web store like Google and Amazon, we have a wide selection of cool and trending add-ons to pick from.

  • Speed is critical to a quality presentation, as well as how a web store is placed by search engines such as Google. Static IPs, dedicated hosting on our server network located in the U.S., Australia and Europe assure you of fast and responsive page loads throughout.

  • Expect to see your web store work on all devices. Not only well-formatted and functional on a desktop devices, but also on tablets and mobile phones including iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

  • Your unique look and designs. If your company has a very specific look and feel that may not work with our pre-designed themes, you can look to us to build out a fully customized ecommerce web store. The majority of our add-on functionality would be compatible with your unique design and can be customized beyond their initial functionality.

  • Instill confidence in your customers through secure HTTPs checkout and certification seal. Necessary for financial transactions, let us install, manage and maintain yours.

  • Be easily searched and found. All of our web stores include internal SEO setup, necessary to have your web store properly indexed by search engines. All meta data is considered along with the content of your webstore. Includes site map generation and search engine registration.

eCommerce Development & Programming Team is located in North America, specializing in Customizing Online Web Stores

AdVision designs and customizes eCommerce Online Web Stores on either the Lightspeed or AdVision eCommerce module and our web store's can be connected to various Point-of-Sale applications or administered independently.

In addition we offer PCI compliant hosting, custom programming and a wide selection of eCommerce specific 'add-on functionality' plug-ins.