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For Lightspeed customer's that have a specific Branded Design and/or needing to integrate Add-On Functionality that is more inline with their type of business, AdVision offers our Custom Lightspeed eCom Theme Development Package.

The main benefit of a 'Custom Lightspeed eCom Theme' is that because the theme is built from scratch, it circumnavigates the Development limitations and restrictions that a Lightspeed customer would experience had they 'subscribed to an existing Theme' from the 'Lightspeed Marketplace'.

AdVision's Custom Theme Developments, initially requires upwards of 100 hrs for design/assembly, programming and launch support and generally takes place over 8 to 12 weeks.

AdVision’s pre-scripted Development Process, will have our team address over 240+ Tasks and an additional 30+ Tasks for the Lightspeed user to address, as we guide them on best practices through all 3 Stages.

As a starting point, they can choose to work from one of our existing Custom Theme Design's as shown below or supply their own unique design/guideline. Our Development Package include some of our most popular Apps & Integrations that are standard on most eCommerce Web Stores today.

To further enhance the customization, we offer over 50 + Add-On Functionality Applications & Services that improve the Visitor's Experience (UX) and the Owners self-administration of many other areas of content on their site, over and above the Product Catalog.

  • Assured
    The Assured
  • Delight
    The Delight
  • Easy
    The Easy
  • Energizer
    The Energizer
  • Excite
    The Excite
  • Fortitude
    The Fortitude
  • Freestyle
    The Freestyle
  • Graffiti
    The Graffiti
  • Gratify
    The Gratify
  • Indulgence
    The Indulgence
  • Marketeer
    The Marketeer
  • Motivator
    The Motivator
  • Persuader
    The Persuader
  • Rejoiced
    The Rejoiced
  • Simple
    The Simple
  • Solace
    The Solace
  • Spirit
    The Spirit
  • Tenacity
    The Tenacity
  • Trusted
    The Trusted
  • Upbeat
    The Upbeat
Unique Custom Designs Based On Your Brand & Your Images
3 Stages of AdVision's Pre-scripted - Custom eCommerce Theme Development Process
Unique Branded
Custom Design
Coding eCommerce
Theme & Add-On Functionality
Quality Control,
Optimization & Launch

Outlined to the right, our Custom Design Development Package, features a selection of Services & Applications that help deliver a truly professional and polished online eCommerce experience.

AdVision’s UX Add-On Functionality Applications, significantly enhance the Visitors Experience and the Web Store Owner’s overall control of content beyond that of Lightspeed's existing functionality.

Other Options listed, so as to give you a sense of what else can be added at anytime, to help customize the eCommerce experience, more specifically towards your 'type' of business or specific requirements.

Please Browse our Design Gallery - Left & Right Arrows Click - View This Design - to see more pages of a given Design.


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Development Package

  • Designs & Development of your eCom Theme
  • First Year of Support from Launch date

Starting at : $ 6,800.00

  • Plus Applicable Taxes
  • Options Billed Separately

Includes Enhanced User Experience Apps

Other Included Integrations

  • Newsletter
  • PCI Pages
  • Trust Icons

Ongoing Support

  • $565.00 - Billed Annually
  • 24/7 Support Access
  • All Installed Application Updates
  • Data Hosting Application Feeds

Add-On Functionality Options

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